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Great Things YOU NEED to KNOW About Fashion in 2020 /PARIS FASHION WEEK, FASHION TRENDS 2020/

Great video by Jordan Grundy as he gives us another episode of his show The leak, the 'ESPN FOR FASHION' simply  described by Jordan himself.

In this episode he talks about 

Fashion News

Jeon Paul Coutier Retirement (1:00)
Kerwin Frost partnering with  Adidas (1:30)
Opening Ceremony Closing in 2020 (1:46)

Fashion Week FALL/Winter 2020

DIOR (2:50)
DIOR X Jordan (4:20)
A Cold Wall (4:50)
1017 Alyx (5:22)
Sacai (6:23)
Jacquemus (7:10)
Louis Vuitton (7:49)
Rick Owens (9:12)
Raf Simons (9:50)
Acne Studios(10:11)
Balmain (10:30)
Reese Cooper (11:06)
Who Decides War (11:37)

Moncler X Alyx (12:27)

Gucci X DSM (12:45)

Outfits of the Week (13:36)

Celebrity outfits and photography.
featuring: Luka Sabbat, DJ Mustard

Drops (15:48)






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