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Bodysuit For Women | Designer Body Suit Sexy Shorts Workout Yoga Athletic Sleeveless Onesies |  Black Gold Leopard Print


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Elevate Your Workout Wardrobe with Our Designer Short Sleeveless Yoga Bodysuit in Black and Gold Leopard Print

Experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance with our meticulously crafted workout athletic yoga bodysuit for women. This stunning piece is a must-have addition to your activewear collection, designed to enhance your exercise routine and inspire confidence with every move.



• Fabric: 95% polyester, 5% spandex.

• Soft, stretchy, lightweight and quick drying.

• Stylish bodysuit with black spaghetti strap. 

• Great item in your daily exercise.

• Machine wash, tumble dry low.


Unparalleled Comfort and Quality Materials

Crafted from a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, this bodysuit offers a luxurious softness and a smooth, second-skin feel that’s a delight to wear. The lightweight and quick-drying properties of the fabric ensure that you stay fresh and comfortable even during your most intense workouts.

Eye-Catching Black and Gold Leopard Print

Make a bold statement in the gym or the studio with our unique black and gold leopard print design. This tastefully curated pattern adds a touch of fierceness to your workout ensemble, allowing you to express your individuality while embracing the spirit of athleticism.

Thoughtful Design for Unrestricted Movement

Featuring a stylish sleeveless cut with black spaghetti straps, this bodysuit offers the freedom of movement you need to master your yoga poses, stretches, and exercises. The stretchy fabric adapts to your body’s contours, providing a supportive fit that doesn’t compromise on flexibility.

The Perfect Companion for Your Active Lifestyle

Whether you’re flowing through yoga sequences, hitting the dance floor, or pushing your limits in the gym, our designer bodysuit is here to support you every step of the way. Its sleek design seamlessly transitions from workout sessions to casual outings, making it a versatile piece for your daily routine.

Easy Care and Maintenance

We understand that convenience matters, which is why our bodysuit is designed for easy care. Simply toss it in the washing machine and tumble dry on low for a hassle-free cleaning process that keeps your bodysuit looking and feeling its best.

Discover the Intersection of Style and Performance

Elevate your active wardrobe with our short sleeveless designer yoga bodysuit. Embrace the captivating fusion of black and gold leopard print while enjoying unparalleled comfort and functionality. Unleash your inner strength and make a statement with every move you make.


Versatile Performance: When and Where to Rock Your Workout Athletic Yoga Bodysuit

Whether you’re chasing new fitness goals or seeking a stylish edge in your active lifestyle, our workout athletic yoga bodysuit for women is the ultimate choice. Designed to elevate your exercise experience, this bodysuit seamlessly blends comfort, style, and functionality. Explore the occasions where this bodysuit shines, from the serene yoga studio to the high-energy dance floor.

1. Yoga and Pilates: Perfecting Poses in Style

Step onto the yoga mat with confidence and grace. Our bodysuit offers the ideal balance of flexibility and support, allowing you to flow through poses and stretches without hindrance. Whether it’s a gentle yin session or an invigorating vinyasa practice, our bodysuit moves with you, offering a distraction-free experience.

2. Gym, Workout, and Athletics: Conquer Every Challenge

Tackle your fitness regimen head-on, knowing that our bodysuit has your back (and front). From weightlifting to intense cardio sessions, the comfortable and breathable fabric keeps you feeling fresh, while the stylish design motivates you to push your limits further.

3. Running and Spinning: Gear Up for Cardiovascular Adventures

Hit the pavement or the spinning studio in style and comfort. The lightweight and quick-drying properties of our bodysuit make it an excellent choice for high-intensity cardio workouts. The snug yet flexible fit ensures it stays put as you sprint, cycle, and embrace the rhythm of your favorite cardiovascular activities.

4. Dance Classes: Move with Grace and Attitude

Dance to the rhythm of your heart while showcasing your unique style. Our bodysuit provides the stretch and support you need to master intricate dance moves with flair. Whether it’s contemporary, hip-hop, or jazz, this bodysuit accentuates your movements and adds a touch of sophistication to your dance ensemble.

5. Gymnastics and Acrobatics: Elevate Your Performance

Soar through the air and conquer gravity’s challenges with confidence. The secure fit of our bodysuit ensures it stays in place during flips, tumbles, and acrobatic feats. Its soft fabric lets you focus on your movements without discomfort, making it an essential companion for gymnasts and acrobats.

6. Swimming and Surfing: Dive into Adventure

Take your active lifestyle to the water with our versatile bodysuit. Perfect for surfing, swimming, or aqua fitness classes, its quick-drying properties make it comfortable both in and out of the water. Embrace the waves and the thrill of aquatic adventures in style.

Whether you’re hitting the waves, sweating it out at the gym, or perfecting your yoga poses, our workout athletic yoga bodysuit for women is the embodiment of style, comfort, and functionality. Embrace the occasions that call for movement, motivation, and self-expression, and let our bodysuit empower you to conquer every challenge that comes your way.


Frequently Asked Questions – Workout Athletic Yoga Bodysuit

Q: What is the fabric composition of the bodysuit?

A: The bodysuit is made from a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, ensuring a soft, stretchy, and comfortable feel.

Q: Is the fabric quick-drying?

A: Yes, the fabric is designed to be lightweight and quick-drying, making it suitable for intense workouts and activities that might cause sweating.

Q: Can I wear this bodysuit for yoga?

A: Absolutely! The bodysuit‘s soft and stretchy fabric, along with its sleeveless design, makes it perfect for yoga sessions, allowing unrestricted movement and comfort.

Q: Is the leopard print design available in other colors?

A: Currently, the bodysuit is available in the black and gold leopard print design as described in the product description.

Q: Can I wear this bodysuit for running and spinning?

A: Yes, the bodysuit is versatile and can be worn for running, spinning, and other high-intensity cardio activities. Its quick-drying properties ensure you stay comfortable during your workouts.

Q: Is the bodysuit suitable for dance classes?

A: Certainly! The bodysuit‘s stretchy and supportive fabric is ideal for dance classes of various styles, allowing you to move with grace and confidence.

Q: Can I wear this bodysuit for gymnastics and acrobatics?

A: Yes, the bodysuit‘s secure fit and soft fabric make it a great choice for gymnastics and acrobatics, providing both comfort and flexibility for your movements.

Q: Is the bodysuit suitable for swimming and water activities?

A: Yes, the bodysuit‘s quick-drying properties make it suitable for swimming and water-based activities. It can be comfortably worn in and out of the water.

Q: How should I care for the bodysuit?

A: The bodysuit can be machine washed and tumble dried on low for easy care and maintenance. Follow the care instructions on the label for best results.

Q: Can I wear this bodysuit for casual outings?

A: Absolutely! The sleek and stylish design of the bodysuit allows it to transition seamlessly from workouts to casual outings, adding a touch of flair to your everyday look.

Q: Is the bodysuit available in different sizes?

A: Availability may vary, so we recommend checking our website for the latest stock and sizes. Be sure to consult the sizing guide to find the best fit for you.

Q: Can I wear this bodysuit for weightlifting and strength training?

A: Absolutely! The bodysuit‘s comfortable and stretchy fabric makes it suitable for weightlifting and strength training sessions, providing the flexibility you need to perform various exercises.

Q: Is the bodysuit suitable for hot yoga sessions?

A: Yes, the breathable and lightweight fabric of the bodysuit makes it a viable option for hot yoga classes. It helps wick away moisture, keeping you comfortable even in heated environments.

Q: What body types does this bodysuit suit best?

A: The bodysuit‘s stretchy fabric adapts to various body types, providing a comfortable and supportive fit. We recommend consulting the sizing guide on our website to find the best fit for your measurements.

Q: Does the bodysuit have a built-in bra or padding?

A: The bodysuit does not come with a built-in bra or padding. You can wear it with your preferred sports bra for added support if needed.

Q: Can I wear this bodysuit for outdoor activities?

A: Yes, the bodysuit is versatile and can be worn for outdoor activities like running, hiking, and more. Its quick-drying properties make it suitable for various environments.

Q: Is the bodysuit suitable for postpartum workouts?

A: Yes, the bodysuit‘s soft and stretchy fabric can be comfortable for postpartum workouts. However, it’s advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any exercise routine after giving birth.

Q: Can I wear this bodysuit for high-impact workouts?

A: The bodysuit‘s fabric offers a good level of stretch and support, making it suitable for a range of workouts. For intense high-impact activities, you may want to pair it with a supportive sports bra.

Q: Does the bodysuit have a closure mechanism, like snaps or buttons?

A: The bodysuit typically features a pull-on design without snaps or buttons, ensuring a streamlined fit that’s comfortable for various activities.

Q: Can I wear this bodysuit for relaxation activities like meditation?

A: While the bodysuit is designed with active pursuits in mind, its comfort and stretch can also make it suitable for more relaxed activities like meditation and gentle stretching.

Q: Is the bodysuit suitable for all seasons?

A: The bodysuit‘s lightweight and breathable fabric make it suitable for most seasons. In colder weather, you can layer it with warmer pieces for added comfort.

If you have any further inquiries about our workout athletic yoga bodysuit for women or its compatibility with specific activities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support. We’re here to assist you in making the most informed choice for your active lifestyle.


Those leggings are super stylish and outstanding quality. I already ordered more ❤️
Shipment, quality, customer service, all 5 stars!."
"Great jacket, It fits perfectly, I love the design print and it's extremely comfortable ."
Amanda S
"Beautifully made, quality fabric, very stylish design, great fit, fast service!! Definitely buying more!!."
Claire G
"Unbelievable customer service I'm thrilled. Product design excellent."
Mark B
"Bought as a gift... receiver loves the fabric and design and first night out on the town kept getting compliments on them. Best Jacket!!!."
James S
The quality of the item was good, matched the description and the item met your expectations.
Edwin is clearly a super talented designer, I had this black, gold floral bomber jacket in mind for a super event. I was elated when I opened the package, it is gorgeous, magnificent... a real show stopper. Absolutely FABULOUS, so stylish!!!
Pamela W
Good quality! Not cheap and thin I'm very happy
Rosemarie Y
Good quality and looks great. Super pleased.
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