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Dressing Gown (Limited Edition)


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Incredibly soft and comforting dressing gown that is perfect for pajamas, getting out of the shower, or just wearing around the house on a duvet day. This easy to wear his and hers bathrobe is the perfect way to chill out and relax, day or night.

Decadent and luxurious Plush Velvet, Our bespoke bathrobe comes with deep patch pockets, a cord closure and a thick collar that can be worn turned up on cold winter days,

Plush Velvet Fabric – Perfect for His and Hers Bathrobes 

This luxurious material has an incredibly soft, fluffy pile on the outer face and a slightly stiffer, comfortable backing. This stroke-able, cuddly Plush Velvet is so warm to wear on those cold winter mornings

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